Breeding recaptures since 1999 at windhover pond

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2 Responses to Breeding recaptures since 1999 at windhover pond

  1. Nikki Clounie says:

    Hi, was wondering if any salamanders came in with the rain yesterday and if you would have any releases tonight.

    Do you think there will be any further migrations this spring?

    Based on the graph, the decline of animals is sad. Any ideas what is causing it?

  2. scelop says:

    Hi Nikki-

    i am going to release about a dozen salamanders that came in last night. See the salamander blog page for timing and location.

    As for decline…well it is true that the breeding numbers have been decreasing since about 2003 (but they were on the increase before that), amphibian populations are wildly variable, so it is hard to say whether this trend is a blip or a long term decline. that is one of the reasons we plan to carry out the study for 20 years. That way we can capture enough of the variation to say what the long-term trend is likely to be. these salamanders live on average 10-15 years, so you have to collect data for a long time to be able to estimate the status of a population.

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