Spotteds may be done….but

No spotted salamanders for the last few days. They may be done.  I cannot do a walk tonight, but it might rain late, and if any sallies come in, I will do a walk tomorrow night (another reasonable chance of rain) at least to release any that may have wandered in. I will post if the buckets have any sallies in them tomorrow.

In any case, stay tuned but don’t get your hopes up for seeing a lot of spotted salamanders this year. In fact, this morning while I was checking the buckets, I heard a gray treefrog calling; it is easily about 1 month early for them at our site. In most years, the spotteds are done by the time the treefrogs start calling. See the link below for a great Ohio website for gray treefrog and other information for Ohio.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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