Salamander walk tomorrow (Wednesday) rain or not. 9 PM.

please see FAQ for details.  We will meet at 9 pm

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12 Responses to Salamander walk tomorrow (Wednesday) rain or not. 9 PM.

  1. akismet-9814bad9462f48fb86c5a11018f91b81 says:

    Will you still go out if the weather is looking severe? I’m in Bath and some of this lightening is pretty intense!

  2. scelop says:

    That’s a great question. I will be out and we can decide if it is safe from the parking lot.

  3. N Clounie says:

    We live 40 minutes away. Due to the severe weather, we errored on the side of caution and stayed home. The kids were very disappointed. Any chance you will have a walk to release what was collected last night?

    • scelop says:

      It doesn’t look like we will be doing a release this evening at a sane hour. We are being challenged with sampling at some other sites around NEO and so animals will either be returned this afternoon, or in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Sorry. I will try to get another walk set to happen in the next 2 weeks or so.

  4. Catherine says:

    How was the walk? Were a lot of salamanders out? We’ll come if you have another one.

  5. d. Casteel says:

    Hi, We also did not make the drive due to the weather. Nothing was updated on the website. Did you go out? Are you planning to go out again?

  6. Scott Thomas says:

    The salamanders may be done, wood frogs are done, and the other frogs and toads are just getting started. About 20 salamanders came in on the night of the walk and we’ve not had much action since then.

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