How about that snow yesterday?

Scott and I spent a few hours working on repairing the fence this morning. The ground is still not thawed around the pond and as you can see from the picture, there is still a good cover of ice on the pond. When Scott informed me that he had walked across the ice earlier in the morning, I asked him to repeat his reckless behavior (making me even more reckless without having to pay for the cost of error) so i could get a picture.  As you can see, the ice is still pretty thick…not even a hint of cracking under his weight.

So we wait and see how the salamander migration will begin.  The next 4 days look cold, especially at night, and dry so i think we are in for a little delay.

Scott will keep you posted.

scott on the ice

scott on the ice

ice cover on windhover

ice cover on windhover

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One Response to How about that snow yesterday?

  1. Sheryl Parker Franklin says:

    Hi Scott!!!! Hoping to take a salamander walk this year.


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