Potential Salamander Walk Wednesday, April 2

Happy spring from Windhover Pond

Windhover Pond during Saturday’s snow storm

This is not an early April fools joke. Even after several inches of snow on Saturday, the weather is looking like it may create good conditions for salamander action this Wednesday, April 2 (60-70% chance of rain through the day and evening). So, we will plan on doing a walk on Wednesday. I will post to the blog by 5pm Wednesday to confirm (if it’s wet out) or cancel (if it’s dry). Please view the walk FAQ for details on where and when to go and how to prepare.

Speaking of April fools jokes, in 1999, during the first year of data collection, Peter checked the fence on April fools day and found over a hundred animals in the first bucket he checked. He called (were there cell phones in 1999?) his then graduate student Mindy Thompson to let her know they caught the mother load, and of course she thought he was just fooling. They ended up capturing over 600 animals that day, which it turns out isn’t even close to the all-time high of >1500 animals in a single night!


About Scott Thomas

I'm a graduate student seeking to contribute to our understanding of how ecology, evolution, and their interplay contribute to the abundance and distribution of animal populations. Since 2011, I have been a part of the Niewiarowski Lab, where I help run a long-term demographic study of an Ohio breeding population of spotted salamanders.
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2 Responses to Potential Salamander Walk Wednesday, April 2

  1. scelop says:

    ….good times. I think i called Mindy on something like the following (the one on the left)…but maybe i just drove home and called her on a land line!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Yay! Thanks for keeping is up to date Scott! 😉

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