New York Times article

the story below from  The New York Times helps put our  salamander study
in perspective

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2 Responses to New York Times article

  1. Scott Thomas says:

    Good story. I was just thinking that, between all the salamander species in Steiner Woods Bath Nature Preserve, there are tens of thousands of individuals, including thousands of big, decoratively colored spotteds. Kind of hard to imagine for above-grounders like us. When I show spotted salamanders to people, I often hear things like: “We have those around HERE?”

    Another thing about the complex role of amphibians in our ecosystems. For the aquatic breeders like spotted salamanders, their larvae also act as top predators in their ponds, and you may be satisfied to hear that mosquito larvae can be at the top of their menu.

  2. Scott Thomas says:

    It may also be good to mention that all those salamanders make for good grub too. But, they do have a secrete weapon for that sort of situation.

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