Good turnout at Windhover Pond… for both people and salamanders

There was a large turnout for the salamander walk on Thursday. Thanks to all who came.

105 salamanders showed up at Windhover Pond that night, highlighted by the longest individual I’ve measured. She’s a little over 8 inches long and was so lipid-dense that she floated by default. She was actually not the heaviest of that day, which says that some other female out there was bringing a whole lot of eggs into the pond.


Check out her massive tail and picturesque coloration.


About Scott Thomas

I'm a graduate student seeking to contribute to our understanding of how ecology, evolution, and their interplay contribute to the abundance and distribution of animal populations. Since 2011, I have been a part of the Niewiarowski Lab, where I help run a long-term demographic study of an Ohio breeding population of spotted salamanders.
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