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I'm a graduate student seeking to contribute to our understanding of how ecology, evolution, and their interplay contribute to the abundance and distribution of animal populations. Since 2011, I have been a part of the Niewiarowski Lab, where I help run a long-term demographic study of an Ohio breeding population of spotted salamanders.

Walk tonight (Tuesday March 27)

The weather is looking as good for salamanders as its going to get for another few weeks, so I will host a salamander walk tonight. See here for info on where/when we’ll meet and how to prepare. It’ll be pretty chilly. Advertisements

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The 2018 migrations should be around the corner… Right?

Winter isn’t giving up without a fight this year. A few salamanders moved into Windhover Pond during some warm nights a few weeks back, but otherwise the cold has kept things quiet. As I type, the weather looks like it … Continue reading

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Small run last night, no walk tonight

Forty salamanders came to Windhover Pond last night. They started during our walk once it began to rain a bit. I’m going to release them before dark so they can do their thing once the sun sets.

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Salamander walk tonight (Sunday March 26)

There hasn’t been much rain yet today, which means few positive signs for salamander movement at this point. I will host a walk anyway to see what we can see, and then possibly another walk tomorrow if I have any salamanders … Continue reading

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Spring is back, will it bring more salamanders with it?

2017 continues to be an unusual year in Steiner Woods. After an early and heavy wave of salamander migration, the salamanders stopped coming in and then things froze over for a few weeks. It will be interesting to see whether … Continue reading

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Salamander walk tonight (Tuesday March 7)

I will do a walk tonight. We will release last night’s catch and see if we can see others on their way in. You can find what/when/where details here.

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Early and busy 2017 salamander season. Stay tuned for updates.

The 2017 salamander season is already well underway in Steiner Woods. This has been the earliest start to the season since the drift fence study began in 1999 (the latest start to the season was just in 2015). So far … Continue reading

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