Spotted Salamander Walk FAQ

If you would like to attend one of our salamander walks, the following information should help you prepare and understand what you will see. if you have questions or comments, please see the spotted salamander blog. I will update the blog with latest info on a daily basis.

If you plan to attend a walk, remember the following:
Please dress appropriately. Salamanders like it cold and wet. You will get your feet muddy and or step in puddles. Bring a flashlight or headlamp. This is both so you can see and also be seen (by cars as we walk to the pond from parking). please don’t go to the pond by yourself. This is a research area and is closed to public access. Your cooperation on this is much appreciated. Generally, we meet at 845 PM in the Bath Center parking lot (opposite Bath Elementary School).

Weather Update

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2011 migration season notes

4-20-2011: We did not see any spotted salamanders on our last walk, and even after the heavy warm rains last night, only one was in our buckets this morning. I think they are officially done for this year. Not a big year…overall we had about 150 animals migrate to the pond. Thanks for your interest. See you next year.

4-16-2011: I will be hosting our final walk of the 2011 season this evening at 845. Please meet at the Bath Center parking lot.

4-8-2011: We will host our second 2011 salamander walk this evening for those of you that might have missed the opportunity earlier this week. Our meeting time and place is the same (see above). Although it will be a bit warmer than last time, be prepared for the conditions: wet, muddy, possibly a little chilly. See you tonight.

4-6-2011: We had about 55 salamanders move to the fence on Monday night….not a big run. We will be looking for 1 or 2 more opportunities to host another walk during the next several weeks, hoping for a larger migration. Keep checking back for updates which will be regular, especially when rain is in the forecast.

4-3-2011: Tomorrow looks pretty good. I am going to schedule the walk now and will cancel only if there is a dramatic change in the weather forecast. WE WILL MEET AT 845 (4/4/11) AT THE PARKING LOT. SEE ABOVE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. BRING A FLASHLIGHT AND APPROPRIATE SHOES AND RAINGEAR. YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET WET AND A LITTLE MUDDY.

3-30-11: It is snowing! FYI.

3-29-11: The weather has been too cool and certainly too dry…look for some activity near the end of this week…but we will need rain, and not just a sprinkle to get it started.

3-23-11: 4PM – No walk tonight. Sorry. Dry until later, when it will likely be freezing rain. I expect a few animals will move, but we don’t want to be walking the road to the pond under those conditions….No worries though, our chances will come very soon. I will keep you updated. BTW….it is still on the early side, seasonally, for our first walk to happen.

I will post by 4 PM whether there will be a walk tonight.

3-22-11: no walk tonight. Dry most of the day and quite cool right now (6PM). Tomorrow is a possibility, but we will see how the temperatures progress through the day. Right now it is supposed to be on the cool side.

3-21-11: nice and warm today but will probably stay dry. If it doesn’t get too cold tomorrow or Wednesday, we might have our first run.

3-18-11: Looks like no real rain expected till next week. So, we wait. Check back Sunday for an update.

3-15-11: 10PM – just back from the pond and nothing is moving tonight…I called it right, finally! Check back for updates on the next chance for a walk.

1PM – The weather is not quite as predicted. A little too cool and not too much rain yet. I am going to wait for another evening to host our first walk.

3-14-11: A quiet weekend, salamander-wise. It is possible that tomorrow will be the start of the migration, but the probability of rain is still at or near only 50% and the temperatures may not be much higher than about 40F at nightfall. I will update this page tomorrow about noon with a decision about whether we will have our first walk tomorrow evening.

3-10-11: worked on repairing the drift fence from winter’s fury. Not too bad this year, actually. By end of day, the fence was ready.